Learn about settlers in the Lehi City Fort from the Wayne E. Clark Collection

Wayne E. Clark was as close to an expert on Lehi history as one can get. Over the years he has been on a mission to identify and locate the early settlers of Lehi in time and space from the 1850s to 1870s, and he has pretty much done that. Scroll down for links to well documented research.

Index to Documents by Wayne E. Clark

When Lehi native Wayne E. Clark returned to his hometown after 50 some years, he came back wanting to know everything there was to know about his ancestors and the pioneer community in which they had lived. He became consumed with the stories of his ancestors (mostly the Clark, Bone, Willes and Lott families) and their neighbors he met along the way. Ever since he has been on a mission to identify and locate the early settlers of Lehi in time and space from the 1850s to 1870s.

After examining censuses, county and early LDS Church property records, family history narratives and published histories, and then comparing these to Google Maps and Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, Clark says, “I have identified most of the settlers who lived in Lehi in those early days. I have located the sites of their homes on the sixteen blocks that were enclosed by the 12-foot-high mud wall. I’m also working to link these to street addresses in early Lehi, such as they were.”

Fortunately, Clark has compiled his research into well-documented articles, which include easy to use links to his sources.

So whether one shares ancestry with Clark or not, his works provide insight into what life in former years was like in Lehi.

Before retiring, Clark was a professor of entomology at Auburn University in Alabama.

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