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From Christmas ornaments to cookbooks to posters and full histories of Lehi and its people, The Lehi Historical Society and Archives has the largest variety of meaningful historical Lehi gifts in town. Check us out T-W-Th from noon-5 p.m., at 34 E. 100 North across the street from the Lehi Library book drop.

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New this year:

The Classic Lehi Roller Mills Souvenir Christmas Ornament. The 2 3/4″ diameter ceramic ornament features, “Stormy Night,” by Lehi artist Mary Ann Judd Johnson. The painting is part of Lehi City’s Mary Ann Judd Johnson Collection of Historic Homes and Sites. $9


Four 504-piece Historic Lehi Puzzles. The 16″ x 20″ puzzles produce nostalgic images of the past. $25

Puzzles include:

  • Lehi Roller Mills from Lehi City’s Mary Ann Judd Johnson Collection of Historic Homes and Sites.
  • Lehi Roller Mills, photograph from early 20th century and courtesy of the Sherwin Robinson family.
  • Broadbents Store from Lehi City’s Mary Ann Judd Johnson Collection of Historic Homes and Sites.
  • The Lehi Tabernacle.

Posters and Prints. Coming for Christmas. We are working on printing artwork of notable places on Lehi and from Lehi artist. The following pieces of art are in the works:

The Old Fort Wall by Lehi artist J.T. Harwood. This is the only known photo or rendering of the old fort wall that protected Lehi’s earliest settlers. The wall ran from Center Street to 300 South to approximately 400 West and back up to 100 North.

Cowboy and Horse by Utah artist Paul Salisbury. A graduating class of Lehi High School gave this painting to Lehi High School.

Oldies but Goodies:

Christmas bundles containing Lehi Heritage Day Cookbooks, the Lehi Centennial History, Lehi: Portraits of a Utah Town, Pioneering Lehi, Coloring Lehi’s History, John Haw’s Timeline of Lehi, greeting cards, trading cards, postcards, ornaments and more. Prices range from $25 to $150.


Lehi Heritage Days Cookbook. The brainchild of the Archives founder, John Haws Jr., this cookbook features more than 300 recipes from local establishments and women past and present. In some cases, there are stories about the recipe or the person whose recipe it was. If you or someone you know loves Lehi, this is a must-have. $18

Lehi Centennial History. This historical gem was compiled, written and published by the Lehi Centennial Committee in 195o. The book features Lehi families and places dating back to Lehi’s earliest days. Hardback $70. Soft back $40.

The reprint of The Lehi Centennial History, the original and the soft back version.

LEHI: Portraits of a Utah Town. Written by Lehi historian Richard Van Wagoner, the book provides in-depth research on events, places and people of Lehi, dating back to the beginning of Lehi. $20

Pioneering Lehi City: A 150-Year Pictorial History. Written by Lehi historian Richard Van Wagoner, this book gives a beautiful pictorial account of the early days of Lehi with large black-and-white photos and simple narration. $35

Slater Bricks. Many homes and buildings in Lehi and surrounding communities around the turn of the century were built with bricks from the Slater Brickyard. These bricks were salvaged as some of those buildings have come down. These bricks are especially meaningful to descendants of the Slater brothers who started the business. $10

Timeline of Lehi. Written by John Haws Jr., this booklet outlines the history of Lehi up to 1921. $7

Coloring Lehi’s History. With illustrations by local artist, Kurt Gray, this coloring book highlights some of the most famous locations in Lehi, providing a simple history to children.

Lehi 5th Ward Chapel Breadboard. Built upon a rich history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Lehi’s wards thrived from the very beginning. The Lehi 5th Ward was the last LDS ward in Lehi to have its own building, which was located across the 100 East from the old Broadbent’s Store. $25

Greeting Cards. These bundles feature eight cards, each featuring a different historical location in Lehi. Locations featured include the Central School, the First Bank of Lehi, the Lehi Tabernacle, a bull rider at the Lehi Round-Up, Lehi Roller Mills, a group of youth in front of the old Lehi High School in the 1950s, an early photo of the Lehi Silver Band and bandwagon and Lehi Main Street during the 1920s. $6

Replica Flour Bags from the Lehi Factory of the Utah and Idaho Sugar Company. Lehi’s economy boomed when the Lehi Factory of the Utah and Idaho Sugar Company opened in 1889.

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