Mayors of Lehi – Past to Present

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Mayors of Lehi

Mayor Silas Barnes Lehi’s 1st Mayor

David Evans Lehi’s 2nd Mayor

John R Murdock Lehi’s 3rd Mayor

Lorenzo Hatch & Isaac Goodwin Lehi’s 4th & 5th Mayors

Israel Evans Lehi’s 6th Mayor

William H. Winn Lehi’s 7th Mayor

Samuel R.Thurman Lehi’s 8th Mayor

Andrew R Anderson Lehi’s 9th Mayor

Ole Ellingson Lehi’s 10th Mayor

George Webb Lehi’s 11th Mayor

Samuel R.Taylor Lehi’s 12th Mayor

Abel John Evans Lehi’s 13th Mayor

Mosiah Evans Lehi’s 14th Mayor

John S Willes Lehi’s 15th Mayor

George Austin Lehi’s 16th Mayor

John Roberts Jr. Lehi’s 17th Mayor

Thomas Webb Lehi’s 18th Mayor

Edward Southwick Lehi’s 19th Mayor

William E Racker Lehi’s 20th Mayor

William F Gurney Lehi’s 21st Mayor

Sydney Gilchrist Lehi’s 22nd Mayor

James H Gardner Lehi’s 23rd Mayor

Joseph S Broadbent Lehi’s 24th Mayor

Isaac W Fox Lehi’s 25th Mayor

Stanley M Taylor Lehi’s 26th Mayor

John N Whimpey Lehi’s 27th Mayor

Dean Prior Lehi’s 28th Mayor

George Lewis Lehi’s 29th Mayor

Daryl Fowler Lehi’s 30th Mayor

L Carlos Coates Lehi’s 31st Mayor

George W Leany Lehi’s 32nd Mayor

Frank E Sharp Lehi’s 33rd Mayor

Harold D Westring Lehi’s 34th Mayor

Calvin H Swenson Lehi’s 35th Mayor

Morris W Clark Lehi’s 36th Mayor

Evan L Colledge Jr Lehi’s 37th Mayor

K Blaine Singleton Lehi’s 38th Mayor

A E Bud Ellison Lehi’s 39th Mayor

Garry Sampson Lehi’s 40th Mayor

George Tripp Lehi’s 41st Mayor

Guy Cash Lehi’s 42nd Mayor

Ronald V Smith Lehi’s 43rd Mayor

William Gibbs Lehi’s 44th Mayor



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