Three Bar Dairy Building by Ler Ross

I believe us old timers from Lehi will consider this a part of Lehi History worthy of remembering.

Lehi Free Press 19 May 1983

Was it just a coincidence? Last Wednesday, May 11th, I attended the funeral service of one of Lehi’s Queens, Eudora Ross Fowler. She had been a peacemaker in this community for over sixty years.

As I passed the corner of First East and State Street following the funeral, the remaining walls of the old building that once housed the Three Bar Dairy came tumbling down.

Just after World War I , in the early 20’s Linel Larsen became acquainted with Mina Peck at the Brigham Young Academy in Provo. They were married and Linel invited his sister Eudora and her husband Lester Ross and his father and mother Daniel W. Larsen and Eunice to join him in Lehi as partners in a dairy business. The three couples gave the new Lehi business venture the name Three Bar Dairy and the Three bars III became the brand placed on the dairy cows.

The building on the corner of 1st East and State was purchased and added to later. Daniel Larsen and Eunice lived in the home just North of the dairy and operated that part of the business until he died during the big depression in 1934.

The partnership purchased dairy cows and a farm overlooking the Mitchell Hollows in Highland. Lester Rose and Eudora managed and lived on the farm until Lester died in 1938.

Linel Larsen and Mina solicited customer and established milk routes through Lehi, Sandy, Midvale, Copperton and Bingham Canyon. Wilford Russon worked with Linel for many years on these milk routes.

It is of interest to note that for several years the severe winter and bad road conditions caused Lester and Eudora to move into Lehi during the cold winter months. It is of interest because they brought the dairy herd with them in the business section of upper Lehi.

What now constitutes the yard behind Peck Building Supply on the East corner of 1st East and State was the corral for the cows and the two story building facing the 1st East was the barn where the cows were milked by hand and the hay was stored for feeding. This building later became a cannery and was used for years by the Lehi Lumber yard managed by Byron Whipple.

Linel Larsen and Eudora Ross continued the business with the help of their children through the depression until World War II came along. Their boys were called to serve their country and the complications of wartime rationing made it so difficult to obtain and maintain equipment that they dissolved the business in the mid 40’s.

Memories of the Old Three Bar Dairy include many baseball and softball teams and games were sponsored by the dairy and managed by Bishop Linel J. Larsen. The games were played in the old High School Football Field where 5 cent Ice Cream cones and bars and orange drinks from the dairy added to the enjoyment of the ball games.

Eudora Ross Fowler was the last of this great partnership and again I say: Was it just a coincidence that on the day of her funeral the remaining walls of the old Three Bar Dairy Building came tumbling down.

I believe us old timers from Lehi will consider this a part of Lehi History worthy of remembering.

Note: Ler L Ross is Eudora Ross Fowler’s Son

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