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While our online library offers the best overview of our collections, the following resources might be particularly helpful, or enjoyable, in your search for Lehi history:

  • Lehi Walking Tour: Lehi Eagle Scout Bryant Gunnell put together this 16-stop, 2.6 mile walking tour of some of Lehi’s most famous sites.
  • “100 Years of Beautiful Lehi Homes” Driving Tour: Discover 25 beautiful historic homes and schools as featured at Heritage Day 2022.
  • Lehi Veterans : Lehi veteran interviews as collected by Lehi native Judy Hansen Shelley. Click here to view the historical society’s complete veterans collection.
  • Lehi Mayors : A listing of all Lehi mayors as collected by Lehi historian John Haws.
  • Wayne E. Clark Collection: Discover the locations of the pioneers who lived within the Lehi City Fort between 1850-1860. With the help of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, Consecration Deeds from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Family Search, Clark has placed many of Lehi’s earliest settlers.
  • Online Newspapers: All of Lehi’s earliest newspapers are available online for free. The Lehi Free Press is available thanks to a 2018 Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board grant received by the Lehi Historical Society and Archives and the generous funding of Lehi City.
  • Online Yearbooks: In 2020, digitized our Lehi High School and Lehi Junior High School yearbook collection. Anyone with an account can view the collection for free here.
  • Timeline of People and Places: Check out this timeline of Lehi people, places and events as presented by Lehi historian John Haws.
  • Stories of Lehi: Stories of Lehi as collected by Lehi historian John Haws.

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  • “Like the young man, Jens and his family had great possessions, but they quickly started making the preparations to travel to Utah and helped finance the trip for 60 – 70 other Saints who did not have the money on their own.”

  • You can now look for your family in The Lehi Free Press from the convenience of your own home. Click below to begin.

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Lehi Almanac

This almanac contains lists and information showing the who’s who of Lehi since 1850.


Places in Lehi

Lehi’s history includes development and industry built by the hands of pioneers. See the many beautiful sites in our city.