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Need a unique and meaningful Christmas gift? Check out our gift shop.

Baskets and bundles are made up of items such as the Heritage Days Cookbook, Lehi: Portraits of a Utah Town, Pioneering Lehi, the Lehi Centennial Book, a Lehi coloring book, Lehi calendar, greeting cards, bookmarks, Lehi Roller Mills muffin mixes and more!

Prices range from $1 and up.

Visit us T-W-Th from noon- 5 p.m., at 34 E. 100 North. Cash or credit card accepted. For questions, shipping prices or an appointment to shop outside of our normal business hours, call 801-768-1570.

All proceeds benefit the Lehi Historical Society and Archives.

Christmas Baskets contain most everything, like Lehi: Portraits of a Utah Town, Pioneering Lehi, the Heritage Days Cookbook, the historic calendar, coloring book, Lehi Roller Mills mixes and more. Prices start at $50.

Heritage Days Cookbook and Lehi Roller Mills bundles make the perfect gift. Cost $25.


Lehi: Portrait of a Utah Town by Lehi historian Richard Van Wagoner. Cost $20.

Pioneering Lehi City: A 150-Year Pictorial History by Richard Van Wagoner. Cost $25.

Lehi Heritage Days Cookbook contains more than 300 recipes collected from Lehi residents, past and present. Cost $18.

Coloring Book featuring events and places from Lehi’s history.

2018 Historical Calendar features people and places from Lehi’s past. Cost $7.

Greeting Cards featuring some of Lehi’s most iconic, and in some cases no longer existing, place and events. Eight cards for $6.

Two of the eight greeting cards. The top card featured the old Central School that was located just north of Wine’s Park. Below, the Lehi Tabernacle used to stand at 200 North and Center Street.


Lehi City Sesquicentennial Cookbook from 2002. We recently found an unused box of this old favorite.

Pioneer Bazaar items range from crocheted dish cloths to hot pads to Beanie Babies to baby blankets. Prices start at $1.

Timeline of Lehi by John K. Haws. Cost $5.

Baby bundles include items like a receiving blanket, bib, small toy and Lehi coloring book. Prices start at $15.


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With more than 38,000 cataloged items, we’ve got information on all things Lehi

Lehi’s rich history is now available here for historical preservation. Find intriguing stories of settlers, founders, church leaders and strays who settled and built Lehi into what it is today.

Please contact us to contribute your stories and memories as well!

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Lehi Almanac

This almanac contains lists and information showing the who’s who of Lehi since 1850.


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Lehi’s history includes development and industry built by the hands of pioneers. See the many beautiful sites in our city.