Eagle Project Possibilities

The Lehi Historical Society & Archives functions on volunteer time and talents. We love the Boy Scouts of America and have often worked together to create a win-win for both the Lehi Historical Society and the boys. If you are looking for an Eagle Scout Project consider helping out the Lehi Historical Society & Archives. Below is a list of identified needs we have that maybe you might be interested in helping us out on, or if you have a special interest let us know because we are open to your ideas.

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Needs of the Lehi Historical Archives

Possibilities for Eagle Project to meet these needs

The Lehi Historical Archives have just been established.  The base document of the Archives was the collection of historical photographs and documents gathered by the late Scouter and Historian Richard Van Wagoner.  He was a deaf scout, but didn’t let that stand in his way. As a scout he received every merit badge available at the time. He documented and wrote about Lehi History.  He wrote the current history of Lehi City.  His work needs to be carried on by the Scouts of Lehi.


Contact Person Is Mr. John Haws




Project  Idea #1   Lehi Telephone Number


Need: We have need of historical documentation of phone number and addresses of people lived in Lehi, Cedar Fort and Fairfield.


Ideas of what needs to be done.  Brigham Young University Library and University of Library has historical Utah Phonebooks in their book files.  There may even be such numbers on the internet, but I don’t know where it would be.  


We would like these pages copied from as many years as possible.  It would be better if the copies were enlarged so people can read them easily and put them in plastic protective holders and put them in binders.


Project  Idea #2   Education Multi-Media Presentations

Need: We need video presentations to educate students and the people of Lehi the history of different subjects of Lehi History.  This will be done by photographs, narration, interviews and music to bring the subject to fruition.


Ideas of what needs to be done.  Make a video on a certain subject of Lehi History and bring a well researched film full of photographic imagery and musical background.


Subjects are endless:  


  • The coming of the Sugar Plant to Lehi
  • The History of the Roller Mills.
  • History of Broadbents Store
  • History of the Early School and the Lehi School District.
  • History of Lehi Main Street
  • Co-operative Movement in Lehi (Lehi Union Exchange, People Co-operative Uptown and Downtown, ZCMI, Church)
  • Old Folks parties and first ones starting in Lehi.
  • History of Irrigation in Lehi
  • The History of the two Prohibitions in Lehi
  • The Story of the first settlement in Sulphur Springs
  • History of the Tabernacle
  • The History of the Library
  • Any other subject or history that you would like to tell.



Project  Idea #4  Wood Display Tributes to Lehi History


Need: The Lehi  Archives are asked to help provide displays on the history of Lehi for events and other activities of Lehi City.  We have a need to expand our displays and portable display cases of Lehi History.  Recently an Eagle Scout built and assembled display unit dedicated to Hester Rippy and her starting the Lehi Rippy Literacy Center.  Another Scout followed that up with a display case of memorabilia of the 100 years of Scouting in the LDS Church and in Lehi.  These are portable cases that can be moved different places to commemorate the history of Lehi.  We are so pleased with the efforts of these fine young men and their leadership projects.


Ideas: The subjects the boy would like to build display case and fill it with photographs, historical narration and artifacts to pay tribute to such entity.


Subjects are endless:

2005 Salt Lake Winter Olympics

Tribute to the building and Dedication of the Mt. Timpanogos Temple

Tribute to the Old Lehi High School (Jr, High) built on Center Street in Lehi

Tribute to the Memorial Building (not the Museum but the Building)

Tribute to Porter Rockwell

Tribute to the Lehi Hotel and Sara Smith Schoolhouse

Tribute to the Ross Schoolhouse (still in existence)

Tribute to Founder David Evans

Tribute to great women of Lehi

Tribute to the Royal Theatre

Tribute to John Devey and his first motorized car in Utah

Tribute to the Lehi Third Ward Church (old)

The list is endless.


Project  Idea #5   Outdoor holders for the Brick Collection


  • We have a collection of bricks from buildings of Lehi.  We need to have a permanent rack in the garden to house the brick collection.  They will need to have a place to identify each brick.


Project Idea #6  Wood shelving


Easels to display large photographs and Artwork

Wood Chair to go around the Archives tree in front.

Frames for special special items for the Archives.

Rack to hold Lehi Hats on wall.


Project  Idea #7   Labeling of Files


Need: We are in need of professional labels for our files made

on white labels and put on our files.


Ideas: You take a listing of our files and make a listing and print out labels.

of the following files:



  • General Files
  • Biography Files
  • Home Listings
  • Veterans Stories
  • LDS Files
  • Clark Music Files



Project  Idea #8 Photographic Scrapbook Documentations


Need: There are many areas that need to be documented.


Ideas:  Take photographs of certain areas of Lehi and provide them in three different ways:  Single Hard Copies, on a disc, and in a binder.


Ideas that could be done are:


  • Lehi Main Street existing old buildings
  • Lehi State Street existing old buildings
  • Lehi Hotel and Sarah Smith Schoolhouse
  • Broadbents Store
  • the Merrihew Building
  • Lehi Rodeo Arena and horsing areas.
  • Old trees in Lehi including the ones in Wines Park.  Must document as much historical information on the trees as possible.
  • the old barns and agricultural equipment in Lehi.
  • Northern Utah County portions of Utah Lake.
  • Woodwork, the building outsides and the fancy items of the Memorial Building (not the Museum displays)
  • Lehi High School before parts of it are torn down
  • the Max Ray Home
  • The monuments around Lehi.
  • any other area that you would want to do.



Project  Idea #9 American Legion Photograph Collection Scanning


Need: The American Legion has a lot of historical photographs that need to be scanned and documented.


Idea:  Scan the photographs that is owned by the American Legion and is in the basement of the Memorial Room. Take the photographs and provide them in three different ways:  Single Hard Copies, on a disc, and in a binder.


Project #10  Documentation of the General Refractories Photograph Collection.


  • Down load and get printed the General Refractory Photograph Collection.  Take and put them in a photograph album for preservation.


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